Over 40 years of expertise IN WATER TREATMENT,
version française EXPERT
OF AFRICA since 1979


ALM International distributes a very wide range of specialised products intended for professionals.

This range responds to the specific needs of all sectors:
food and drink, petroleum, mining, forestry, agriculture, livestock, public works, research, education, medical, etc.

Our international sales team offers products made by suppliers that are first-rate on the market by bringing together responsiveness and service. Our salespeople are aware of environmental issues and are trained to be our clients’ privileged partners no matter what sort of needs they have.


  • Dilution tables
  • Hygiene plans for each workstation
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) records
  • Audits of your laboratory through a meticulous examination of analysis techniques and best practices
  • Training your technicians in best laboratory practices
  • Development of customised laboratory projects (ex: in 20’ container)
  • Emergency PPE kits customised according to your interventions (chemical handling, disinfestation, water analysis, water treatment, water and soil clean-up, etc.)
  • Training technicians in case of accidental spillage

ALM International remains at your side for the development of your projects by offering professional products that provide solutions to the specific problems of your sector

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